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Pictures from Barry’s Camera

Most of these were taken during our post-Christmas road trip to the Bay Area. Click on a picture for the full-size image.   Enjoy:

Japanese Beer Machines

On a recent trip to Japan I ended up spending several hours on the way back in Tokyo Narita Airport.    My top-tier frequent flyer status let me sample the hospitality of a couple of the airline lounges: the American Airlines Admiral’s Club, and the JAL First Class lounge.  

The lounges have open, self-serve bars, which gave me a chance to play with something I’ve only encountered in gadget-obsessed Japan: the automated, “perfect pour” beer machine.    I’ve find these things amusingly geeky-cool.  Check them out for yourself in these short video clips.  The one on the left in the AA club uses a movable spout I hadn’t seen before.  The one on the right in the JAL club uses the tilted glass mechanism I remember from previous visits to Japan.  On both machines, note the second spout, used just for pouring the foamy ‘head’.

Both machines were pouring Asahi Super Dry, the most popular beer in Japan and not bad for a lager.


I Wish

Myself, standing on the bricks.

As many may or may not know, I am kind of on the tall side for my age. Ever since kindergarten I have always been the tallest in my class every year. Many of my classmates are jealous, but they have nothing to be jealous of. I’ve always wanted to be just a little shorter.

The other day I was messing around with the timer on my mother’s camera. Out of curiosity, I set it for 10 seconds and placed it on the opposite side of a circle of bricks. When I viewed the snapshot later, I noticed that I had made myself appear to be six inches tall! At long, long last! I had fulfilled my life long dream (for a tenth of a second)! Here is the shot for all to enjoy.


Mom’s First Post

Here are some photos I took with my new camera.

This is Gwen, our youngest dog.

Erin is a Willamette University cheerleader!

This is Magic, age 23, taking a nap.

The O’Mahony Blog is Up!

The view from the bay window.

The view from the bay window.

Hello, World! I have a feeling that this blog will be a huge success and a fantastic source of  family news, info, media, etc. The blog will be enjoyed by all (or at least myself and my family). Feel free to comment as much as you please and subscribe (once we have the subscription system up and running).


(P.S: This is a snapshot of the farm through the bay window. (The first of many photos to come.)

First Real Post

This is the new O’Mahony family blog.  Hopefully, this will allow us to publish updates and information more quickly and easier than in the past.  Stay tuned.