Japanese Beer Machines

On a recent trip to Japan I ended up spending several hours on the way back in Tokyo Narita Airport.    My top-tier frequent flyer status let me sample the hospitality of a couple of the airline lounges: the American Airlines Admiral’s Club, and the JAL First Class lounge.  

The lounges have open, self-serve bars, which gave me a chance to play with something I’ve only encountered in gadget-obsessed Japan: the automated, “perfect pour” beer machine.    I’ve find these things amusingly geeky-cool.  Check them out for yourself in these short video clips.  The one on the left in the AA club uses a movable spout I hadn’t seen before.  The one on the right in the JAL club uses the tilted glass mechanism I remember from previous visits to Japan.  On both machines, note the second spout, used just for pouring the foamy ‘head’.

Both machines were pouring Asahi Super Dry, the most popular beer in Japan and not bad for a lager.


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