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Our new car

Here’s Ruairí standing next to our new smart car!    Since I usually take Ruairí to school in the morning, one requirement was that it be able to hold the two of us and his tuba.  The seats are actually quite comfortable and roomy, and yes,  there is enough space in the back for his tuba. 😉

Tuba and carrying dolly

And of course, when going furniture shopping, a smart Fourtwo is better than a Hummer: 😉

Stephen Colbert and Pringles


This Stephen Colbert clip about Pringles is about the funniest TV I’ve seen in a long time.  The funny stuff starts about 40 seconds in.  Enjoy.

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Willamette University Cheerleaders

See if you can spot Erin!

(This may take a little while to load on a slow connection before playing).