We Clean Up Pretty Well

Here’s proof that we can dress up fancy when we need to.  Beth and I travelled down to San Francisco May 13 & 14 for the Intel Achievement Award banquet at the historic Westin St. Francis Hotel.  Friday evening we had a nice dinner in Fishermen’s Wharf, and Saturday we visited the Cable Car Museum and the Museum of Modern Art.  We had a great time!  I even had a “formal” black arm sling. 😉

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  • Megan:

    You guys look great! And, I might add, the spiffy outfits could do double duty as wedding attire, should you just happen to need nice outfits for a fall wedding! 🙂 Are you being humble and not mentioning an award that you might have received at the “Intel Achievement Award banquet”? Loyal readers want the straight scoop!

    • Barry:

      Yes, Megan, I was one of about 250 who received an Intel Achievement Award this year (you don’t get to go and party with the CEO and other bigwigs unless you do ;)). It was nice to go this time; I won one 12 years ago, but the kids were little and they didn’t offer child care back then, so I skipped the ceremony.

  • Megan:

    Congrats! Woo-hoo!

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