Change Is In The Kibble

Recently, our family has been searching for a new family dog. A few weeks ago, our 12 year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Ceri, passed away and our other corgi, Gwen, had been a little lonely. While on vacation, we fortunately stumbled across the perfect match in a Humane Society shelter in Redmond, Oregon. His name is Rosco, and he’s a Chihuahua mix (what he’s mixed with is somewhat of a mystery) that has found his way into our family. He had just been returned the day before for “not getting along with children” and “hating men.” As far as we can see, he is a perfectly social, lovable, well behaved and as cute as ever! We made sure to wear him out on a hike up Pilot Butte in Bend, but not without a wardrobe update!

It’s so far, so good with the new member of our family, and we have yet to see how he’ll do on the farm. For now, though, we all feel especially fortunate to have found the little guy!

Top of Pilot Butte with the O'Mahony dogs.

Ruairi with Rosco, the Chihuahua mix that has found his way into our family.

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