Paulina Lake Loop Hike

On August 26, 2011, Beth, Ruairí and Barry hiked the 7½ mile Lakeshore Trail around Paulina Lake. Paulina and East Lakes are located in the Newberry Caldera about 20 miles southeast of Sunriver in Central Oregon.  Afterwards we drove to the top of Paulina Peak (at 8000′ elevation) for a birds’ eye view of the lake and the surrounding countryside. 

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Ruairí and Barry at the trailhead at the Day Use parking lot


Ruairí and Beth at the start of the hike. Those walking sticks we bought in France 10 years ago came in handy!

Ruairí taking a photo of Paulina Peak from the western shore

Ruairí's photo


Ruairí and Beth at the Paulina Peak Overlook parking lot, with the lake we just hiked around in the background

Paulina Lake from the summit. Note the obsidian flow on the right

On the right is the famous "highest public restroom in Oregon"

Ruairí and Barry at the very top of the summit, above the parking lot

USGS benchmark at the peak. Note stamped elevation of 8009'

2 Responses to “Paulina Lake Loop Hike”

  • Aunt Nancy:

    Very nice! Wish we could have joined you…it looks beautiful. (But could we have walked that far??!?! You guys are very impressive.)

  • Barry:

    Thanks for reading the blog and the response, Nancy!

    The hike was actually surprisingly easy; almost entirely flat with just one short section of mild switchbacks. As we got near the end we were all ready for it to be over, but no one felt any ill effects the next day.

    The same could not be said for the hiking the next week in Canada. 😉 Watch for the next post.

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