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Hillsboro to the MAX!

Ruairí is a member of the Hillsboro Community Youth Choir, a non-profit community youth choir whose mission is “committed to promoting excellence in choral music and is dedicated to enriching the lives of youth by instilling a life-long love of music through performance and education.”  During the week of 5 February, 2012, members of the Choir performed the play “Hillsboro to the MAX“, an entertaining musical journey through local history. Ruairí played David Hill, an early pioneer and founder of the city of Hillsboro. 

The choir did three performances, including the first in the restored Venetian Theatre, a local favorite in downtown Hillsboro.  Here’s a video of Ruairí doing a solo performance of Stephen Foster’s Oh! Susanna, during the third performance at West Union Elementary School:

Trip to NJ for Nana’s 80th Birthday

In mid-November, Beth, Barry and Ruairí travelled to New Jersey for Barry’s Mom’s surprise 80th  birthday party 

Beth made this video with some of the footage she recorded during the visit; enjoy!

Thumbnails of pics we snapped during the trip.  Click on any one for a full-size image: