Elk Mountain Summit

This past weekend I went with one of the groups from Troup 581 doing the King’s Mountain / Elk Creek Trail trip, although I went as a day hike on Saturday only.  I went with the group who hiked up the Elk Creek Trail to the Elk Creek Trail / Elk Mountain Trail junction, where the two groups planned to meet up and camp for the night.  Since I didn’t get to the Elk Mountain summit during the previous week’s hike, I decided to do it this time.  It was 0.8 miles over to the Elk Mountain Trail / Kings Mountain Trail intersection, covering a route I’d done last week.  From there it was 2.0 miles to the Elk Mountain summit, approaching from the “back side”.

Those two miles started out fairly easy, being an old abandoned logging road for roughly the first half:

Things changed quickly when the logging road ended. Yes that is the trail, and it runs straight ahead:

Here are a few more pics; click for full-sized originals:

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