Nissan Leaf Test Drive

This past weekend (11/6-11/7) Nissan brought their roadshow for the Leaf electric car to Hillsboro, giving the public a chance to test drive their new vehicle.  Appropriately enough, the event was held in the parking lot of Solarworld, the largest solar panel factory in the U.S.  The event was exceptionally well-organized and did an excellent job of acquainting those in attendance with the car’s technology, and in addressing attendees’ questions and concerns.  Plus, we got to go on a test drive!

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  • Megan:

    Way to go O’Mahonys!!! I test drove the Leaf last weekend at an event here in sunny San Jose! (Kevin was my passenger) You can check out our post-drive pic here:

    Very excited about the possibilities of owning one, and since I put down my deposit and got my name on the list, I should get the chance! (Well, if I can stand being carless for a few more months!)


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